Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wonder Beach

What:  WALT use our senses (hearing, smell, touch, taste and sight) to describe our thoughts, experiences and feelings.

So What:  I learnt to use describing words in my writing to express what I am writing about,  This helps the reader to know what I am talking about and to feel like they are there.  

Now What:    Next time I need to make my story shorter so the reader doesn't have to read to much and in which case they may build up a fuzzy picture in their mind.

Here is my work:

I gaze at the waves, some small as ants, some taller then man. I listen to the the squawking seagulls and rocks rattling as the the strong current drags them in. I scent fish in the sea and the salty, sweet whiff coming with the waves. I frisk at the sand in between my toes like putting your feet in a tank of worms.
I dab the sea water off my face. It was wonderful.

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