Friday, July 24, 2015


Excellence evidence: PALS

Yesterday, I took over Poppy's job as a PAL because I couldn't do it today (winter sport). We were with the juniors and we played a numerous amount of games. We played Octopus, Simon Says, Crocodile Tag and many more. It was quite difficult to explain the boundaries to the kids as we didn't have any cones, yet you should know if you're playing on the Junior side of the field, or the Senior playground.. Nearly everybody got a turn at being Simon but the kids who didn't started up the game 'Crocodile Tag'. It was very fun

Radio Station

Excellence evidence: Radio Station

On Wednesday, Emma, Hayley, and I were the DJ's of Oaklands School. I have to say I may have to double check the song I'm playing because we started a song when I realized the song was 8 minutes long!!! We played half of it then we had to do a sudden interruption and apologize to our many viewers. We always muck around in the Radio Room and we almost committed a crime: not turning our microphones on!!! Last time our microphones weren't on for nearly the whole session! Until Mr McCallum saved us...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Term 1 Reading

WALT: I can identify several language features in a text; giving relevant examples.

I have achieved the extended abstract stage.

Spelling group- Writing AsTTle test


WALT: I can add something to my blog that shows others how to use these (spelling) strategies.

I have achieved the extended abstract stage.