Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jubilee Writing

Oaklands School had their 50th jubilee on Labour Weekend this year. At the moment, (when I'm writing this of course) I am a Year 7 in room 8. In 50 years I will be 61 (a lot older then I am now!!) by that time, I think the school would have changed by...
Having a lot more classrooms because when this started, there was only a couple of classes. I also think we will have our own technology classes, at least 20 generation 103 iPads and iPods, and the classrooms will have there own iPad tables. There would be no such thing as books, pens, pencils, paper and a lot more I can't name. I bet that schoolwork and homework would be NO MORE and MineCraft would be a learning subject (like in Germany)!!!:) Lunchtimes and morning-tea's would have to be longer and everything would involve A LOT OF FUN!!!
School would still be a place where we can learn and play so I can't wait to see the fabulous improvements on this lovely, welcoming school in 50 years.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Monday- Zones, went really well. I came 2nd in 100 m sprints and came 4th in high jump. So I'm going to Canterbury's!!!

Tuesday- Technology, learnt a lot in science, including how to get a bleeding nose really quickly. Dance, we learnt how to do a different version of line dancing. I keep practising because it's pretty tricky!

Wednesday- Guitar, I was the only one to remember my guitar and lyrics so we didn't get to learn any new songs but we practised a song that we are still struggling with. Dance, I'm a pro at line dancing now! Learnt how to do all he difficult moves. The practising must've paid off!!:)

Friday, October 24, 2014


Monday- wasnt here:)

Tuesday- Production. we went over our show a couple of times and its been going great

Wednesday- Production. over and over the show, it keeps getting more and more nerve-racking every time we do it!

Thursday- Production. Biggest rehearsal yet! well, because it was our last rehearsal!!!!!!!I hope i'll survive till then!

The production rehearsals went really well!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Magical Stalker

The Magical Stalker

Type, type, type, type, type!
That's probably all you hear around a phone-addict who's texting people 24/7.
But what if that person is texting Random People 24/7?...
Now I'll have to come to the conclusion that that person is a phone-addict 'panda'. That doesn't sound quite right does it? Well, let me tell you a little story of a 'phone-addict panda'.
He was quite naughty, and he had to pay for his mistakes...

H-E-L-L-O, send, resend, resend.
This is what Marty does all day, texting people: hello, hi, sup, yellow, hey, waz up and so on...
Marty had just signed up to a popular latest app called 'growl-stagram' to make some friends.
His username is pretty appropriate being 'panda_bear_101' and he only posts photos of photo-shopped photos of the news so that the humans that are speaking, their heads are animals(!). Pretty lame isn't it! So let me tell you something that will blow you away... he has 1564 followers the last time I checked and their still going up as we speak!!! So much for lame photos...

Anyway, the other day, Marty posted a photo of a magical flash that he spied out in the sky. Seconds later, this horse with a swirled horn like creature called 'XxUniCreamIceCornxX' commented about where he was exactly at that time and where he lives and all of the important stuff you don't tell strangers just to see if that was where she was at the time! Straight away, Marty replied (driven with desperation for a friend) that he lived at hf hfhfhfhfhfh hf hfhfhfhff, fhfhfhfhfhfhfh, hfh fhfhfhffh .

Instantaneously, they were constantly texting day and night, night and day about each themselves to learn more about each other. But there was one thing that Marty wasn't telling the so called 'unicorn'.
He never said what type of panda he was. The unicorn thought he was a red panda, not a black and white one. But the unicorn was hiding something even WORSE then what type she was. She wasn't even a she (!) but a he and he wasn't a unicorn, he was a DRAGON! That's when it gets tricky and super dangerous, because the dragon wants to meet up with Marty in the middle of the forest! You have to be a serious numbskull to fall for that trick! Well, that means the dumbo Marty needs to shift up his game to actually be good at social media! 

That very night, Marty took a stroll into the woods, searching for a glamerous horse, but all he saw was a blazing fire burning the forest! Then he had a faint glimpse of an arrow-like tail. the figure started to circle him. a voice came: "have you seen a red panda anywhere?"
The bear frozen from fright eventually gained his ground and squeezed out that he knew no red panda. In a flash, the scaled unicorn whisked away into the night.

Marty was scarred for life of nearly being eaten by a complete stranger. 

I will never forget.

Monday, September 8, 2014

My maths-how I went...

My maths goal was: devise a strategy to solve a whole number problem

We (my group) had to find a number strategy to solve the word problem.

For example:
When a number (n) is multiplied the answer is 15: n x 3=15 or n³=15

Here is the work I have done:
Now I want to get a range of different strategies to solve my problem and I also want to understand the degrees of a circle.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My AMAZING Speech! (that won!!!!!!!!!!!)

Mia’s AMAZING Speech:

Old Wives Tales-Are They True?

“Darling, please eat the crusts off your sandwich”
“But Mum, I DON’T WANT TO!”
“It will make your hair grow curly…”
This is an example of an ‘Old Wives Tale’.
Old wives tales are little sentences or stories that adults tell us to encourage or discourage us from doing things.
What is you watch too much television or you sit too close to it? Will you get square eyes? Do my eyes look square to you?! Most of us know a TV or phone addict and if you look at their eyes, I bet you 100% that they won’t be square. And how could the visual ‘colour’ rays of a television possibly form, shape and mould your eyes to the shape of the TV’s border?! I’d have to say that’s impossible and so would everyone else who knows SOMETHING about science!
What about when you swallow gum it will stay in your stomach for 7 years? If your stomach acid can dissolve a solid razor blade in 2 hours or so, why should it take 61,320 hours to dissolve a squishy piece of gum?!
Now carrots, those simple, bright orange vegetables that bunnies and rabbits eat, can help you see in the dark. Personally, carrots have been my favourite veggie ever since I could talk and they have been one of the main foods in my everyday diet but when i wake up in the middle of the night, i still get freaked out because i can’t see a darn thing! Carrots may have some sort of chemical (that I’ve never heard of) that might help you see better but from my experience they definitely don’t let you be able to see in the dark! But one thing i do know is that if you eat 5 carrots a day or 140 carrots a month, your skin will turn slightly orange but thats a different story…
You may think that milk makes mucus or ‘snot’, as we know it especially if you had a cold.
My mum and i recently found out that this is untrue, from my scientist like doctor. When my mum asked if this was true, she replied: “No, this is FALSE! If you eat or drink any dairy products, your body won’t make mucus for there is no horrible bacteria to create it. I refer to my calculations…” and she slowly trailed off.
So there you have it.
Most wives tales are FALSE (!), as my doctor would say and they all have scientific information to prove it.
And if you don’t believe me, drink milk if you have a cold or eat lots of carrots and go into a dark room and see if you can see, but I wouldn't take the risk of walking into a wall...

By Mia:)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Pup, Milo

My Pup, Milo

Something fluffy rubs against my leg.
It's just Milo, my puppy who looks like a new-born lamb.
He gives me faith but when I look into his pure, brown eyes, I see fear and discomfort.
That sends a shiver down my spine.

The master shepherd strolls towards me.
I spin away, trying not to make eye-contact. But I can't help it.
He has that same smug grin on his pruned face.
Suddenly, it hits me.
He's going to try and take Milo away, again!

"That dog of yours, ready for sale yet?", he screeches in his croaky voice.


He hesitates.
"I'll by him off you for $200"

Milo wriggles in my arms.

"You'll have to give him to me or..."

The hunched man snatches the pup away from me. He shoves him in his flour sack and runs off.
Sweat and tears dribbling all over my face, I sprint after him with pain anger swirling in my system.
I finally catch up to him but he suddenly stops and spins around.

"If you come any closer, I'll kill the damn dog!"

I knew he wouldn't if he begged for him so much.

"You wouldn't dare to"

"Who said so? I never keep my word!"

"So you would never kill milo"

"Givin' me lip, are ya?!"

I shuffle forwards, then backwards, then forwards again, unsure of what he'd do.
He gestgures the sack towards a sharp, nearby rock, threatning me.

That's when I do it, the loudest thing I'd ever do.
I scream my lungs out.
The old my cuffs his ears, dropping his sack. He starts howling with pain then shuffles off.
I cripple to the sack, desperate for a sign of life.
I draw the pup out, who's all covered in flour.
He shakes up and down, trying to get rid off all the white powder. But instead of shaking it on the ground, he pours it all over me.

Milo kisses me with happiness to still be alive and to still be mine.
Or just to lick the flour off my face...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Peer Mediation!

My Peer Mediation was on Monday (I forgot to put it in then) with Grace because Luke M didn't show up... anyway, Grace and I had a good lunchtime helping younger students solve their own problems and helping students who have hurt themselves, get to the sickbay safely. We didn't have much problems which was great and all the problems we did get, were sorted out quickly.
Overall, I enjoyed the rest of my lunchtime with Grace, helping younger students get along with their friends and organise some games for them to play.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


My main reading goal for the term was: 
WALT: understand and interpret the authors purpose. 
Through these lessons I have learnt how to find out what the author is trying to tell us in the story and why.
Here is my first lesson sheet:
My new reading goal is to identify structural features or characteristics of text.

In maths, my goal was to find out the area of a right angled triangle. 
We, (the whole class) had quite a few sessions on area, and a will post a link of how to calculate the area of a right angled triangle.

In writing, I have been learning to use paragraphs where needed. I have definitely learnt where to use my paragraphs to make my writing make sense and to add effect. I learnt the 4 reasons to make a new paragraph:

Change of:


To see an example of my paragraphs see: 
"The Old Shack"


Friday, June 27, 2014

Fake Ergo-Baby Carriers

Would you trust a well known company?
Ergo-Baby is just one company that people try to make false products of.
They have been braking the 'Consumer Guarantees Act'.
The 'Consumer Guarantees Act' is a protective list of rules that keeps both consumers and businesses safe. They mainly come in to effect once the consumer has bought a product. If they product doesn't work or isn't safe, the 'Consumer Guarantees Act' is there to make sure you get a good deal.
I will now show you an example of how one popular company and their customers got mistreated.

The company 'Ergo', who invented 'Ergo-Baby', designed a high quality baby carrier. Later, another company used 'copy-write' to steal Ergo's idea. Although these fake carriers were cheaper and you could access the store online, they were extremely unsafe.
They have broken a lot of rules...

These goods were of unacceptable quality because they were unsafe.
The buckle that supports the baby while it's in the carrier, snaps open only with a little bit of pressure.
That means the baby could have fallen out and probably died or had serious injuries.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Old Shack

WALT: write a recount 
So what: write a recount based on an event that happened to yourself in the past

The Old Shack

The engine in our sky blue station wagon moans and groans at the ashphalt road.
The simple of a newborn calf comes from the lifestock barn which we are passing by.
This was, according to my desperate parents, an extraordinary journey to a beautiful palace made of silk. Of course I'm not stupid. What they mean is a long boring ride to a muddy camp site.

We don't own a caravan so the moulding tent is our only shelter.
Usually, I love camping, but my stomach is turning in the weirdest ways it fells like I'm floating.
In early May, leaves are always scattered everywhere but for some reason they are still attached to their branches.

Finally, the rubber on the tyres make use of their friction and pull the car to a stop.
I search for the nearest bush for a rest. Found one. I quickly scurry behind it when no one is looking.
I peer out of the gaps inbetween the leaves to see who else is here. My eyes focus on a short, dark figure who's lurking about the adults. Her eyes meet mine so sharply it looks like she's been expecting me. I see fire in her eyes and everything swirls around her.
It feels like Armageddon is here. 
I quickly look away to realise she used to be my best friend. But when I turn, I spy out an old shack looking place. 
I am keen to investigate.              

The door screams at its hinges when I touch the rusted handle. 
Everything is matted with the sticky, dusty silk of the spiders abdomen. 
The shack is falling apart and it's starting to mould.
I see a light reflect off a broken mirror.
I creep towards it (trying not to make any noise) and realise its shifting off its hook. 
I carefully unhook it  and seek a dusty box in a small compartment in the wall.
I take it out to have a look. 
Guess what I found?    

Now what: continue to work on paragraphs                                                         

Friday, May 16, 2014

Check out this ShowMe lesson
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Making Choices

WALT: identify what goes in a good information report
WALT #2: use linking sentences to join our paragraphs
WALT #3: write a strong conclusion 

Making Choices

We all have to make them, but sometimes they can get a bit complicated.
Influences such as friends, family, rolemodels, media and the law definitly effect our choices we make
But sometimes their advice can turn out to be a positive OR a negative impact...

Friends can be a huge influence since they are a companions.
We try to impress them so they like us more.But what happens if they try to make us make a bad decision? That is called peer pressure. Now, you have to think and make the right choice.
A situation might be you want to go somewhere with your friends but you have a family outing instead.
What would you do? Your parents will expect you to go to the outing...

Family is absolutely an influence.
They are your life and you should do your best for them. But how? 
They ask you to do chores around the house, but do you do them?
What happens if you wanted to go to the mall but your parents won't take you? 
You can't drive your self. 
Or can you?

The law effects everyone's decisions, even adults.
The law is there to protect you and others.
Some children decide to sneak or convince their parents into letting them smoke.
But in doing so, they are breaking the law.
This can happen in many other situations.
What happens if you saw something on TV but you knew you weren't allowed it, 
would you steal it?

The media and advertisements are huge influences today.
They have a way of getting into everyone's mind by playing over and over again.
You might see something on YouTube then you might tell your friends to look it up and then they might tell their friends etc. So everyone hears about it.
Fro example, when children see something they like they want it straight away.
That happens to us to.
If there is a huge discount storewide in our favourite shop, we would definitely like to go.
But do we have time?

We often think: 'Do I have time to do both? Can I do half here and half there?'
Today, everyone is busy. We either have work or school, family time, holidays, and hanging out.
So mostly, we don't have time to do other things. 
But what about reflecting on the achievements of our role models?

Role models are people we look up to. 
We try to be like them.
That's the influence. What happens if they start smoking or handling drugs?
Are they then really, good role models?
What would you do? 

All these things are massive influences.
But remember, the choice is up to you...


Friday, April 11, 2014

Visual Language

WALT: identify visual and verbal features in an advertisement

This advertisement is for Chupa-Chup Lollipops
It is also mainly aimed at kids
The ants help show that the lollipop is sugar free
I think they could add in the flavours of the lollipops that they come in at the bottom where the Chupa-Chup logo is
I would change the look of the crass because it looks disgusting and it puts you off the lollipop

Vocabulary Words

This weeks Vocabulary Words:

chronology-the arrangement of events in order from which they occured
decorum-correctness and dignity of behavior or procedure
embargo-an order forbidding commerce or other activity
guerrilla-a small spanish group in warfare
zoology-scientific study of animals
tariff-a list of charges for rooms and meals in a hotel

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Goals

My Goals-

My Academic goal: To keep on top of my homework

My Social goal: Try and learn different strategies

My Leadership goal: To keep showing up to peer mediation

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

If I could be an Animal

If I could be an animal, i would be a wolf because i would have many adventures, lots of friends, and get salami for free.
i'd probably have adorable cubs, and have a snuggly coat to keep me warm and toasty inside.
i love the snow so i would definitly build an igloo, (well i would be the smartest wolf since i would have a human brain!)
But the main reason is the adventures id have.
Jumping off cliffs into fresh piles of snow, chasing down wilderbeast until id collapse, and just have fun
until my heart would content!

Friday, March 28, 2014

My Creative Writing

Finally, it happened.
The glazier falls and creates frozen bombs out of the black ice.
Crystal misiles blow open the gates.
We're trapped.
A gleaming cavern shimmers above us.
A humungous bolder destroys are cottage.
Now there's no going back.
If only father let me be skald I could of stopped this, but no, he didn't let me save our lives.
Our berserkers get buried by the upcoming avalanche.
That definitly decreases our chance of survival.