Monday, April 14, 2014

Making Choices

WALT: identify what goes in a good information report
WALT #2: use linking sentences to join our paragraphs
WALT #3: write a strong conclusion 

Making Choices

We all have to make them, but sometimes they can get a bit complicated.
Influences such as friends, family, rolemodels, media and the law definitly effect our choices we make
But sometimes their advice can turn out to be a positive OR a negative impact...

Friends can be a huge influence since they are a companions.
We try to impress them so they like us more.But what happens if they try to make us make a bad decision? That is called peer pressure. Now, you have to think and make the right choice.
A situation might be you want to go somewhere with your friends but you have a family outing instead.
What would you do? Your parents will expect you to go to the outing...

Family is absolutely an influence.
They are your life and you should do your best for them. But how? 
They ask you to do chores around the house, but do you do them?
What happens if you wanted to go to the mall but your parents won't take you? 
You can't drive your self. 
Or can you?

The law effects everyone's decisions, even adults.
The law is there to protect you and others.
Some children decide to sneak or convince their parents into letting them smoke.
But in doing so, they are breaking the law.
This can happen in many other situations.
What happens if you saw something on TV but you knew you weren't allowed it, 
would you steal it?

The media and advertisements are huge influences today.
They have a way of getting into everyone's mind by playing over and over again.
You might see something on YouTube then you might tell your friends to look it up and then they might tell their friends etc. So everyone hears about it.
Fro example, when children see something they like they want it straight away.
That happens to us to.
If there is a huge discount storewide in our favourite shop, we would definitely like to go.
But do we have time?

We often think: 'Do I have time to do both? Can I do half here and half there?'
Today, everyone is busy. We either have work or school, family time, holidays, and hanging out.
So mostly, we don't have time to do other things. 
But what about reflecting on the achievements of our role models?

Role models are people we look up to. 
We try to be like them.
That's the influence. What happens if they start smoking or handling drugs?
Are they then really, good role models?
What would you do? 

All these things are massive influences.
But remember, the choice is up to you...


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