Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kakano Talent Quest Judging

Excellence evidence: Kakano Talent Quest Judging

I know, I haven't done it yet but I did something pretty awesome to do with it.
Miss deSchot emailed the house leaders about judging the Kakano Talent Quest and I just made a graph of who can do it each day and emailed it to her. I did it very quickly and she, Mr Ladbrook and Miss O were very pleased :) I had made a minor mistake though by not checking with the leaders first to see if they were available and then sending her the results but I sorted Hayley out reasonably quickly and adjusted the graph and sent it to Miss deSchot.
I got an Active Thinking tick!!!!!!:):):):)


Excellence evidence: Flags

As house captains and leaders, we need to put out our school flags (showing the CARE values and our school name) and bring them back in. We have made a schedule so that the girls put them out and the boys bring them in, or vies versa depending on the term. We have been doing this regularly though I have been late to school many times so I haven't been able to put mine out. Lately I've been keeping on top of it, but every now and then I'm late so I can't put it out. It's a good job though.

Cyber Safety

Excellence evidence: Cyber Safety

I am in charge of running a Cyber Safety course for the school. I have just recently written out 2 scripts that we are performing in the assembly (Hayley, Emma, Azriel, Becca, Jackie and Cassidy that is). The first one that we are performing is about 'Putting Your Personal Details On The Internet' or 'Personal Info' for short. I have juts earlier sent the skit scripts to the actors so they can practise. If you want to see more just visit my Google Docs.


Excellence evidence: PALS

Last week on Friday I had PALS. Again no one turned up.
We planned an awesome mega game of Octopus again but no one wanted to play.
I lie, a couple of kids asked us what we were doing, but they weren't that keen on playing Octopus in their lunchtime. So that was boring

Music Lessons

Excellence evidence: Music Lessons

Last week, Jesse and I were given a new song. That is 'The Only Exception' by Paramore.
I've heard that song be3fore, but it looks really difficult. Especially the riff. Woah! It even looks scary! There is some chords in there that I've never heard of either, just to make it difficult enough.
We didn't go over it so I can't practise it which is a bummer. I've lately found out I'm the oldest and the most experienced guitar player student in the school! That's pretty cool, I have to admit.

Being a Role Model

Excellence evidence: Being a Role Model

Yesterday I was being a role model to younger students by being nice and playing with them. We played a small game of tag and then I set them up with a game of octopus to play. They really enjoyed so they got all (I mean all) of there friends to play. It was a massive game on the field. Eventually, I had to leave them to play by themselves. What helped me was that they didn't follow me or pleaded me to stay. It was quite easy!

My Career Explanation


My career goal is to become a successful journalist. This career will suit best with my personality because I find enjoyment in writing, reading the paper and magazines, and having something new to do everyday. It is difficult to find a job in this area because lots of very experienced publishers who are trying to get a career in this area and where there is very limited availability. There is quite a large range of categories for a journalist you can choose from depending on your capability. Depending on the job, your career can be aimed towards different focuses such as newspaper and magazine publishing businesses, radio networks, television networks and production companies, online news sites, researching for presses, writing scripts for television presenters, supporting local events. But to get to that stage you’ve got to have experience. The subjects at High School would be a good place to start.
Some recommended subjects would be English, Media Studies, History and Classical Studies, and Te reo Maori. English helps you to improve your writing and teaches you different techniques (for the different topics in journalism) which can help you to build a unique writing style. Media Studies will help you get familiar with the editing program and printing department;also television presenting. History and Classical teach you about the different eras in time. It also lends you knowledge of different areas for the information to put on paper (you want to know what your writing is true!). Te reo Maori is mainly for the translation department. If you looking into that type of journalism, Te reo Maori translation has a lot of availability! These subjects will help you get a better understanding of your focus at Polytech.

To become a journalist I will need a national, graduate or postgraduate diploma in journalism, a degree in communications majoring in journalism, a degree in broadcasting. To do these it usually takes 1-3 years full time studying. There are no specific requirements to be a journalist; However, employers look for those qualifications.

As well as the qualifications, you would need some attributes to help you become a journalist. I would say some attributes that describe me are being honest, responsible,. To help me become a good journalist I need to the skills such as good interviewing skills, writing skills, knowledge of the area of specialisation, and good editing skills. I would also need to be enquiring, curious, persistent and patient, with excellent communication skills, confident and motivated, accurate, able to accept criticism, good time managers and able to work well under pressure, as deadlines may be tight. Although it is a huge financial cost completing the degree; it is the only way to get to my career goal. This step is important because at university I will get taught the skills and knowledge needed to become a journalist. Journalists have a very stressful job to complete their work and for this reason I would need to be calm under pressure. Additionally, I would also need to be accurate as whether I get the true facts of the topic are crucial to a business's reputation.

Although these attributes will help in my goal of becoming a journalist, there could always be the chance that there are no jobs available when I graduate. Fortunately the degree I need for journalism can also be used for other jobs such as an author, television presenter, radio journalist and an editor. This means that I will have a better opportunity of getting a job as there are many options. Another reason why having other jobs to choose from is that if don’t get the job of a journalist then I can always apply for many others similar careers .

Overall I think becoming a journalist would be a good career choice for me because I love working writing and editing and I think I would enjoy taking English, Media Studies and History and Classical Studies at high school. One positive thing about getting the journalist degree I need is that it can be used for other jobs after I graduate.

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Discovery Multistructural

We have passed Multistructural because we know two different ways to jump high.

1st Technique: The Scissor Kick

1. Run as fast as you can up to the bar.

2. If you are right footed you need to spring off your left leg and while you do that raise your right leg and right arm so that your arm will propel upwards and your leg because you have to jump over the bar.

3. Make a scissoring motion with your legs and you should be over.

4. Land on your feet!

5. Run off the mat carefully so you don't knock the bar.

2nd Technique: The Flop

1. Run as fast as you can up to the bar.

2. Put you right arm in the air whilst you spring of your right foot

3. Arch your back while you are going over the bar

4. Flick your legs so they don't hit the bar

5. Land safely on the mat!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Music Lessons

Excellence evidence: Music Lessons

2 weeks ago, We had Cross Country so no guitar could be done.
So I decided to talk about my practising!
I practise about 4-5 times a week to keep up with all the strums the new songs have. The other girls can't even keep up with me! I've already learned that tricky strum that I was working on earlier for 'Something in the Water' by Brooke Fraser which is an amazing song. It sound even cooler with the neat strum that goes with it instead of the constant annoying strum which is just up-down-up-down-up (etc.) which just makes a long vibrating sound that sometimes hits a clank on the guitar.


Excellence evidence: PALS

2 weeks ago, Jonathan, Cody, Rebecca J and I conducted the PALS game.
No body showed up.
We planned an awesome mega game of Octopus but all the little juniors didn't want to play!
Usually they're so pumped to play that it looks like they could run around the field one hundred times!
We waited for about 10 minutes just for a single kid to show up who wanted to play tag. His friends didn't want to play so he ended up cruising off. Rebecca and I did too. We both had basketball practise so their was no point in hanging around with training to be done.
So we had no game.
So sad. :(

Radio Station

Excellence evidence: Radio Station

Last week, Emma, Hayley and I had our turn on the radio! Mr McCullam even said we were the best radio hosts in the school! So lucky!!!!!!!!!
Since he said that, Emma just had to say it on the radio. He seemed very alarmed; which we find strange because we were likely to do that.
I took over the computer because last time, Hayley was mucking around with so we had to announce the 'Technical Difficulties' over a hundred times. Because of the music having a better manager (me of course) the operation went along smoothly. We talked about the game of hockey in Winter Sport that we were looking forward to. We giggled about the conversation around the 'Widest Tongues in the World'.
Quite strange...

Thursday, May 14, 2015


This is my Maths follow up.

I have been learning how to do 'loci'.
This is a locus circle.
Its radius is 5cm as shown.
How to calculate the loci:

We use 'pi' (no, not the pie you eat) which is 3.14
Then we calculate it.
3.14(pi) x 5cm.
Okay, but thats only half the circle.
We need the whole circle, so we times it by 2.
2 x 3.14 x 5cm= 31.4
Thats loci.

To do the diameter not the radius you will be shown this:
3.14(pi) x 8cm.
With out the need to double it because its already the whole circle.


Kauri Team Event

Excellence evidence: Kauri Team Event

Last week, the Kauri team had Cross Country. I thought I had actually trained but it was obvious I didn't. I came 6th. But i guess running around my house 12 times doesn't count...
Anyway, it was very annoying. About 3 kilometers long. It was way to long for me.
Jackie and Jack ran this one though. The house captains games were cool too. The year 7/8's game was 3 throw. We didn't get to throw though so that sucked. It was exciting though.

Friday, May 8, 2015

My Discovery

Our project for My Discovery is "How to jump the perfect High Jump jump"

We have passed Unistructural because we know how to jump high!

How you jump high:

1. Run as fast as you can up to the bar.

2. If you are right footed you need to spring off your left leg and while you do that raise your right leg and right arm so that your arm will propel upwards and your leg because you have to jump over the bar.

3. Make a scissoring motion with your legs and you should be over.

4. Land on your feet!

5. Run off the mat carefully so you don't knock the bar.

                                             THE END!!!!!!! (^-^)
By Mia, Jackie and Sophie

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Alfred the Hippo Gets Lost in the City

An exhausted hippo named Alfred travels alone through a swarming city. As he strolls along the ally way, his mountainous bottom wobbles with curiousity. Then he meets Red, a fire hydrant, and has a meaningful conversation with him about global warming over a cup of tea. He wanders off, ever more lonely, to full his starving stomach with at least a strand of dead grass. He seeks out droplets of melted ice cream on the crumbling cement. His stubby ears prick up at the cry of a young woman, disgustedly pointed in his direction like he's the trigger to the end of the world. The swift chop of blades in the air lower a helicopter, capturing the poor soul. The ragged net plucks him off the unbearable earth. The wind howls around him, swaying to and fro. The ropes begin to splinter.

Language features: Personification, similie, hyperbole

Music Lessons/Helping out around the School

Excellence evidence: Music Lessons/Helping out around the School

On Thursday, Meadow, Sarah and I got given the song 'Hallelujah' by Mr McCullam to perform with the choir in the assembly. All of us are in choir so we get to sing as well as playing guitar. Meadow and i have guitar straps so we can stand and play but Sarah doesn't so she has to sit down. I have to sing a separate part in choir with another little group so I'm the only one singing that separate bit and play guitar! I'm quite excited to do this because I haven't done it before. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Radio Station

Excellence evidence: Radio Station
Yesterday at lunch time, Hayley, Emma H and I were on the radio! The address was 107.2 OAK FM. It's so cool! Hayley caused us some technical difficulties by playing the wrong song or not even looking at the laptop! I had read a disgusting article about a 'wee-powered toilet'. Of course it was hilarious so I cracked up the whole way through. I can't wait to do it again.

Getting Involved

Excellence evidence: Getting Involved

On Tuesday an averaged sized (12) group of girls played whole school tag. It was great fun but after a while it got boring because there wasn't mix up in taggers and no one knew who was in. Most people had a fair idea of the tagger at the point of time but but it turned out that they had tagged someone else so Poppy, Isla, Emma, Monique and I were shuffling through people to hear their thoughts but the story changed every time. It was at lunchtime so this commotion went on for about 25 minutes so it definitely got boring but it was fun being 'sleuth-like' trying to find out who was in. I reckon next time we play, we should discuss what to do if someone tags you but you're paused and then they run away, thinking you're in.

Music Lessons

Excellence evidence: Music Lessons with Roger Hamilton

Today, Sarah, Jesse and I had our first guitar lesson this term. I was so excitited! In the holidays I got a new guitar. It's a beauty! The front of the guitar on its body is a nice golden white which is from Alaska and the rim of the body is a beautiful spruce kind of wood from Africa. It's a very cultural guitar! Roger Hamilton took us through 'Ho Hey' and 'Counting Stars'. Then he gave us a new song: 'Something in the Water' by Brooke Fraser. It has a very difficult strum but I've nearly got the hang of it. I've been practising a lot lately because are so called 'band' hasn't practised together in a while. I've got to keep it up!


Excellence evidence: Technology

Wewere on the bus, it was quite a commotion. Everyone was talking some people were complaining about the '3-to-a-seat' rule, and most people were swapping seats. Hayley and I were fine though. We just asked people to sit down quietly so we could get moving. Eventually we did head to Lincoln. When we got there, we hopped off the bus and skipped to our classes. We said farewell to our friends and parked up at our bench at Wood Work. We are making a smallish speaker box to play music on. My one will be Spongebob with hands held out where my iPod will sit. I already have made the box part so far and stuck it together but I still have a lot to do. Wood Work is an awesome class and I can't wait to go back next week