Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Getting Involved

Excellence evidence: Getting Involved

On Tuesday an averaged sized (12) group of girls played whole school tag. It was great fun but after a while it got boring because there wasn't mix up in taggers and no one knew who was in. Most people had a fair idea of the tagger at the point of time but but it turned out that they had tagged someone else so Poppy, Isla, Emma, Monique and I were shuffling through people to hear their thoughts but the story changed every time. It was at lunchtime so this commotion went on for about 25 minutes so it definitely got boring but it was fun being 'sleuth-like' trying to find out who was in. I reckon next time we play, we should discuss what to do if someone tags you but you're paused and then they run away, thinking you're in.

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