Friday, March 27, 2015

Description Writing

Wouldn't it be amazing to just relax on the sofa, scoff chips and fizzy lollies, watching new action movies, not having parents commanding you to do chores every second and being just plain awesome. The movie is now getting to the scary part where a man is chasing a girl down a long ally way. DING DONG. You spy through the window curtains. A tall, dark figure is standing outside the doorway. Its a foggy night so you can just make out the facial features. He's unrecognisable. What do you do?

You could not answer the door. He might get cold outside and probably leave because they don't have a puffa jacket. He could also break in and steal your piggy bank. That wouldn't be good. Or he could be super annoying and keep ringing the doorbell til morning. Yay. That would be heavenly, wouldn't it?!

You could answer the door. The first consequence is simple, so simple that I'm only going to say the sound effect: KAPOW!!! Ouch. He could be a neighbour, or a close friend of your parents. You never know, he could be the prime minister!

You could hide and call your parents. The man might break in while you're on hold, though. You'll definitely get thirsty after eating all those fizzy lollies. You might even get stuck!

The best option is to hide and call your parents. you don't even have to hide, just call your parents. They might clear up a situation, like they were expecting someone but forgot about it and went out. You might get stuck but its better to be stuck then sorry!

CARE Values:how they are shown at Oaklands school

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wonder Narrative

WALT: I can use the features of a narrative text and I know when and why to use them. I can seek and act on feedback.

California Chaos

I hate public places.
And I especially hate airports.
But I adore California and that's the only reason I"m here. Also Christopher and his family are traveling with us. I'm so excited yet I tremble with fear. Everyone gawks at me and whispers rude comments behind their hands about me. Everywhere I go, there's a lull in conversation of those in the room and then a faint scurry of voices gather up as one as I slope away. That thought lingers in my head.

"Were just going to the loo, you guys need to go?", questions Dad with a wink in his eye.

"No daddy, I'm a big boy now, I can go when i want"

"Sure you don't need me to take you?", Dad says with a smug face.
Christopher starts cracking up.

"Okay then . You guys wait here and don't leave to California with out us"
Leaning on the wall to the toilets, Christopher and I start chatting about Yoda and how he's so midget, green and ancient yet he can do flips and cartwheels. Christopher attempted to do an impression of him and a cartwheel with light-saber sound effects and nearly crashes into a mother with a pram passing by. He expeditiously skids back to the wall but he missteps and we turn out to be in a big heap of ourselves. For some reason this is humorous to us and we start cracking up! A whole cluster of tourists  scramble past, eyeballing us. We leap up somehow from the human knot and briskly dust ourselves off. We are still chuckling though. Suddenly, Christopher falls silent.

Two shadows lurk up behind me. 

"The living dead is coming out soon. Such a thriller."

"Yeah its really gruesome. Heard its based on a true story."

"Dude what wrong with you?! That's why its called a story. Don't you know what a narrative is?"

"Wait. Be quite. Yo Pug Face!"
I know he's aiming those words at me.

"Can't ya hear me?!" 

"Probably cant hear through those bomby-knockers."
They snicker.

I get a hard shove on my shoulder. It felt like it almost dislocated. He spins me around.

"Whoa, he's worse then i thought!"

"Hopefully you're not getting a passport photo. The photographer would have to wash his eyes out with soap!"

That thought leaves another dent in my heart.
I think for a second. Time to fight fire with fire.

"Then how come you're looking at it?"

"Coz I'm better looking..."

"That's rich", I reply, "because you look like a ruffian piece of scrub of Hitlers mustache in a bomb fire. You better not stay here much longer because I can hear the cops coming with the ambulance because you look and smell like something died. They want to throw you lunatics in to the front line of Russia when the greatest of all wars come. The sky will crash on top of you"
I say the last line calmly for effect.
He looks shell shocked.
They quickly scuttle off horrified.

"Good thing i showed you my argument speech!", Christopher finally says.

I have achieved the extended abstract stage.

Helping out around the school

Merit evidence: helping out around the school.

On Friday last week, the Kauri team had their 'Run, Bike, Run'. As one of the Leaders, we had to run around calling out how long we've got to go for example: "5 minutes to go, guys!". My voice got tired after a while. Rowan and I (as the deputies) had to open the event for 2015. We were very nervous about talking in front of them because Mr Forman hadn't given us the scripts, so we just had to 'wing it'. It turned out really good. No mistakes. After the year 7/8's had already left to go to their games, Rowan and I saw that the teachers had trouble keeping the students behind the cones around the starting line. We decided to go and help them out. It was quite easy, we basically just asked the students to hop behind the cones and moved some bags that were in the way.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Role Model for Younger Students

Merit evidence: being a role model for younger students

Last week, I was playing tag with my friends when my partners little buddy came up to me. She asked if she could play but I had to tell her that was a big kids game and she might get hurt. She gave me a sad face that looked like she might cry and run away but I couldn't deal with that, so I invented a new game. It might sound silly like a parent made it up for a child to stop being annoying such as a "who can be quite for the longest" kind of thing. But my one was to pick up rubbish. We pretended to be rubbish trucks picking up the rubbish rolling around and then had a car race (us as the cars) to the playground and back. She sure does like running! At least we made the courts a bit more clean.

Music Lessons

Merit evidence: Music lessons with Roger Hamilton

Last week, Jesse, Sarah and I had guitar. I am so happy with my results!!! I finally nailed the riff in "The Story of Us" by Taylor Swift. It was so tricky when we heard it but I can smash it now! Roger asked me to take role and do the riff by myself in front of everyone. I epically failed the first try which totally embarrassed me so there was no way I'd try again, but I ended up doing it, and I rocked it! Roger thought so himself. Then Sarah did it easy-peasy on her brand new guitar which sounds awesome. I kind of felt silly after that. But Sarah practises all the time! Actually, I have been practising WITH Sarah at our 'band' practise. Its turning out quite good though. Way better then I expected anyway. Sarah mentioned it to Roger and he said we are good guitar players so we should step it up a little bit. I'm just so happy!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

Getting Involved

Merit evidence: Getting involved

On Monday last week, I organised a massive game of tag around the whole school. We played gang up tag which is where someone is in then they tag you and then you're both in and if you tag some one else all three of you are in etc. until everybody's in. Then you start again. About 16 people played (Poppy and I took track of who was playing) and it was epically awesome! It turned way better then expected, which was for 2 people to show up, and it was good timing too, nearly everybody was available at lunch!
It was awesome.

Music Lessons

Merit evidence: Music Lessons with Roger Hamilton

2 weeks ago, Sarah, Jesse and I had guitar lessons. Jesse didn't come because she wanted to go swimming again. Sarah and I had an enjoyable lesson because we got to learn a new song, 'I See Fire' by Ed Sheeran. Sarah had practised it a lot over the holidays so she got there before me! I love that song so it was great to get to play it on the guitar. We also had a jam at 'Ho Hey' again and Sarah had been practising that one a lot too and she fingered F#m (the chord) quite quickly the riff of 'I See Fire' is very tricky but Roger pick it up easily even though he hadn't really heard the song before and he forgot how it went after he first played it. He is an amazing guitar player and he played it awesomely. I wish I could be as good as him one day.
That means more practising...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Merit evidence: PALS

Last Friday Cody, Jonathan, Rebecca and I had to do our PALS duty. We were with the Kauri team so I suggested to play soccer because a lot more older students would be interested. A few kids came up to us to see what we were doing, then heading back to their game of tag. I bet a lot of kids weren't attracted because we only had a ball and no cones. We had to go around asking people to play and we had about 3 kids come with their friends so that added up to 8 kids (all boys) and we had a good match. We used part of room 2 and 3 as one goal and 2 trees at the other end for the other. It was 7 year olds verses everyone else. Us PALS ended up versing all of them and I don't really enjoy soccer and I'm not very good at it so I hung around the goal with Rebecca. We gave pozis to everyone who'd play and we had a couple of kids run away with them so we got them back and would only give the pozis to them after they played. We also gave 3 pozis for the first person to score  a goal then 2 for the second, 1 for the third and so on.
It was a good game.