Friday, March 27, 2015

Description Writing

Wouldn't it be amazing to just relax on the sofa, scoff chips and fizzy lollies, watching new action movies, not having parents commanding you to do chores every second and being just plain awesome. The movie is now getting to the scary part where a man is chasing a girl down a long ally way. DING DONG. You spy through the window curtains. A tall, dark figure is standing outside the doorway. Its a foggy night so you can just make out the facial features. He's unrecognisable. What do you do?

You could not answer the door. He might get cold outside and probably leave because they don't have a puffa jacket. He could also break in and steal your piggy bank. That wouldn't be good. Or he could be super annoying and keep ringing the doorbell til morning. Yay. That would be heavenly, wouldn't it?!

You could answer the door. The first consequence is simple, so simple that I'm only going to say the sound effect: KAPOW!!! Ouch. He could be a neighbour, or a close friend of your parents. You never know, he could be the prime minister!

You could hide and call your parents. The man might break in while you're on hold, though. You'll definitely get thirsty after eating all those fizzy lollies. You might even get stuck!

The best option is to hide and call your parents. you don't even have to hide, just call your parents. They might clear up a situation, like they were expecting someone but forgot about it and went out. You might get stuck but its better to be stuck then sorry!

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