Sunday, March 22, 2015

Role Model for Younger Students

Merit evidence: being a role model for younger students

Last week, I was playing tag with my friends when my partners little buddy came up to me. She asked if she could play but I had to tell her that was a big kids game and she might get hurt. She gave me a sad face that looked like she might cry and run away but I couldn't deal with that, so I invented a new game. It might sound silly like a parent made it up for a child to stop being annoying such as a "who can be quite for the longest" kind of thing. But my one was to pick up rubbish. We pretended to be rubbish trucks picking up the rubbish rolling around and then had a car race (us as the cars) to the playground and back. She sure does like running! At least we made the courts a bit more clean.

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