Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Merit evidence: PALS

Last Friday Cody, Jonathan, Rebecca and I had to do our PALS duty. We were with the Kauri team so I suggested to play soccer because a lot more older students would be interested. A few kids came up to us to see what we were doing, then heading back to their game of tag. I bet a lot of kids weren't attracted because we only had a ball and no cones. We had to go around asking people to play and we had about 3 kids come with their friends so that added up to 8 kids (all boys) and we had a good match. We used part of room 2 and 3 as one goal and 2 trees at the other end for the other. It was 7 year olds verses everyone else. Us PALS ended up versing all of them and I don't really enjoy soccer and I'm not very good at it so I hung around the goal with Rebecca. We gave pozis to everyone who'd play and we had a couple of kids run away with them so we got them back and would only give the pozis to them after they played. We also gave 3 pozis for the first person to score  a goal then 2 for the second, 1 for the third and so on.
It was a good game.

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