Monday, March 9, 2015

Music Lessons

Merit evidence: Music Lessons with Roger Hamilton

2 weeks ago, Sarah, Jesse and I had guitar lessons. Jesse didn't come because she wanted to go swimming again. Sarah and I had an enjoyable lesson because we got to learn a new song, 'I See Fire' by Ed Sheeran. Sarah had practised it a lot over the holidays so she got there before me! I love that song so it was great to get to play it on the guitar. We also had a jam at 'Ho Hey' again and Sarah had been practising that one a lot too and she fingered F#m (the chord) quite quickly the riff of 'I See Fire' is very tricky but Roger pick it up easily even though he hadn't really heard the song before and he forgot how it went after he first played it. He is an amazing guitar player and he played it awesomely. I wish I could be as good as him one day.
That means more practising...

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