Sunday, March 22, 2015

Music Lessons

Merit evidence: Music lessons with Roger Hamilton

Last week, Jesse, Sarah and I had guitar. I am so happy with my results!!! I finally nailed the riff in "The Story of Us" by Taylor Swift. It was so tricky when we heard it but I can smash it now! Roger asked me to take role and do the riff by myself in front of everyone. I epically failed the first try which totally embarrassed me so there was no way I'd try again, but I ended up doing it, and I rocked it! Roger thought so himself. Then Sarah did it easy-peasy on her brand new guitar which sounds awesome. I kind of felt silly after that. But Sarah practises all the time! Actually, I have been practising WITH Sarah at our 'band' practise. Its turning out quite good though. Way better then I expected anyway. Sarah mentioned it to Roger and he said we are good guitar players so we should step it up a little bit. I'm just so happy!

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