Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Swimming Sports

Merit evidence: Kauri fun day event

Today we had the 2015 swimming sports fun day. I really enjoyed it. I came 2nd in freestyle and 3rd in backstroke which is way better then I expected because I haven't done serious swimming (not playing around) in ages. Our class also came 2nd in the class relays which I was in. Sorry Miss O for not getting your forth time in a row win. Anyway we all tried our hardest and we were no chance against Jordan who I think will be in the Olympics for swimming in a few years... . We had shifts for handing out pozis sticks to respectful people in the audience and for those who tried their hardest in their race. The thing that spoilt it the most for me though was not being able to host the cannon ball competition because of time but it was a pretty awesome day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Music lessons

Merit evidence: Music lessons with Roger Hamilton

Today Sarah and I had guitar. We got given a new song 'Ho Hey' by the Lumineers which I think is awesome. It is quite tricky because there is a chord called F#m which is really hard because you have to stretch your fingers all over the neck to reach the frets and hold your hand in a really awkward position and quickly change from that chord to another chord and vice versa. I love that song so I will get good at it hopefully:) Sarah had got a new acoustic guitar and she had a jam on that and I cant wait to get a new one too. Practise makes perfect so I will try to play that song lots before our next session.


Merit evidence: PALS

Last week on Friday, I played a game with the juniors for PALS. The rest of our team wasn't able to make it so me and my partner had to join another group. I had never done PALS before but it is exactly like my everyday life because I'm always playing with little kids. It was really fun. We went around asking kids from the Kakano team to join and lost of kids responded so our group was quite big. We started off playing 'octopus' and then it changed to 'Simon Says' and that was hilarious because we had lots of people being Simon at the same time so you had to do tons of action all together! We started 'Duck, duck, goose' but then I realised we went over-time. It was a good first experience.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Music Lessons

Merit evidence: Music lesson with Roger Hamilton

Today I had Guitar with Roger. Sarah is in my group so we learn all of our songs together. If she gets stuck in a certain part of a song I help her out. If I completely lose my place in the song (which usually happens) she points out where we are. We asked Miss O if we could 5 minutes before it started but she said we would be losing 5 minutes of work time. I was a little bummed because it takes us about 5-10 minutes to tune our guitars, decide what we are going to play and put the capo in the right place and that would mean we would lose a bit of our session but I was cool with it because we ran overtime anyway. We played The Story of Us by Taylor Swift for the whole lesson and I learnt how the last interlude works and how the tune goes. It is the trickiest part of the song but I sussed it out now all I have to do is practise my little heart out!


Merit evidence: Technology

On Tuesday we had our first technology session for 2015. We now have 5 subjects, hard materials, science, textiles, cooking, and design. Design is a new subject and for this term I'm am in that group. We do not travel to Lincoln but we work in the breakout hub of room 25. It's an interesting subject, but yet an awesome one because its all about architecture and designing furniture. The first lesson was a bit boring but it was cool to meet the new teacher and the other students in the group. It was good to work with the students it did not know quite well because I made some new friends. I learnt how to have a discussion with a client and ask them questions to adjust my thinking of their project. I had lots of ideas but I couldn't get all of them out because lots of other people had ideas to. The best thing about design is that we get to create model house (out of cardboard and paint and all that kind of stuff) and put our dream home into it! I'm so excited!!! It's going to be super cool. I can't wait to get started on making MY model!!!