Thursday, May 7, 2015

Alfred the Hippo Gets Lost in the City

An exhausted hippo named Alfred travels alone through a swarming city. As he strolls along the ally way, his mountainous bottom wobbles with curiousity. Then he meets Red, a fire hydrant, and has a meaningful conversation with him about global warming over a cup of tea. He wanders off, ever more lonely, to full his starving stomach with at least a strand of dead grass. He seeks out droplets of melted ice cream on the crumbling cement. His stubby ears prick up at the cry of a young woman, disgustedly pointed in his direction like he's the trigger to the end of the world. The swift chop of blades in the air lower a helicopter, capturing the poor soul. The ragged net plucks him off the unbearable earth. The wind howls around him, swaying to and fro. The ropes begin to splinter.

Language features: Personification, similie, hyperbole

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