Thursday, July 3, 2014


My main reading goal for the term was: 
WALT: understand and interpret the authors purpose. 
Through these lessons I have learnt how to find out what the author is trying to tell us in the story and why.
Here is my first lesson sheet:
My new reading goal is to identify structural features or characteristics of text.

In maths, my goal was to find out the area of a right angled triangle. 
We, (the whole class) had quite a few sessions on area, and a will post a link of how to calculate the area of a right angled triangle.

In writing, I have been learning to use paragraphs where needed. I have definitely learnt where to use my paragraphs to make my writing make sense and to add effect. I learnt the 4 reasons to make a new paragraph:

Change of:


To see an example of my paragraphs see: 
"The Old Shack"


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