Friday, June 27, 2014

Fake Ergo-Baby Carriers

Would you trust a well known company?
Ergo-Baby is just one company that people try to make false products of.
They have been braking the 'Consumer Guarantees Act'.
The 'Consumer Guarantees Act' is a protective list of rules that keeps both consumers and businesses safe. They mainly come in to effect once the consumer has bought a product. If they product doesn't work or isn't safe, the 'Consumer Guarantees Act' is there to make sure you get a good deal.
I will now show you an example of how one popular company and their customers got mistreated.

The company 'Ergo', who invented 'Ergo-Baby', designed a high quality baby carrier. Later, another company used 'copy-write' to steal Ergo's idea. Although these fake carriers were cheaper and you could access the store online, they were extremely unsafe.
They have broken a lot of rules...

These goods were of unacceptable quality because they were unsafe.
The buckle that supports the baby while it's in the carrier, snaps open only with a little bit of pressure.
That means the baby could have fallen out and probably died or had serious injuries.

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