Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jubilee Writing

Oaklands School had their 50th jubilee on Labour Weekend this year. At the moment, (when I'm writing this of course) I am a Year 7 in room 8. In 50 years I will be 61 (a lot older then I am now!!) by that time, I think the school would have changed by...
Having a lot more classrooms because when this started, there was only a couple of classes. I also think we will have our own technology classes, at least 20 generation 103 iPads and iPods, and the classrooms will have there own iPad tables. There would be no such thing as books, pens, pencils, paper and a lot more I can't name. I bet that schoolwork and homework would be NO MORE and MineCraft would be a learning subject (like in Germany)!!!:) Lunchtimes and morning-tea's would have to be longer and everything would involve A LOT OF FUN!!!
School would still be a place where we can learn and play so I can't wait to see the fabulous improvements on this lovely, welcoming school in 50 years.


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