Monday, September 22, 2014

The Magical Stalker

The Magical Stalker

Type, type, type, type, type!
That's probably all you hear around a phone-addict who's texting people 24/7.
But what if that person is texting Random People 24/7?...
Now I'll have to come to the conclusion that that person is a phone-addict 'panda'. That doesn't sound quite right does it? Well, let me tell you a little story of a 'phone-addict panda'.
He was quite naughty, and he had to pay for his mistakes...

H-E-L-L-O, send, resend, resend.
This is what Marty does all day, texting people: hello, hi, sup, yellow, hey, waz up and so on...
Marty had just signed up to a popular latest app called 'growl-stagram' to make some friends.
His username is pretty appropriate being 'panda_bear_101' and he only posts photos of photo-shopped photos of the news so that the humans that are speaking, their heads are animals(!). Pretty lame isn't it! So let me tell you something that will blow you away... he has 1564 followers the last time I checked and their still going up as we speak!!! So much for lame photos...

Anyway, the other day, Marty posted a photo of a magical flash that he spied out in the sky. Seconds later, this horse with a swirled horn like creature called 'XxUniCreamIceCornxX' commented about where he was exactly at that time and where he lives and all of the important stuff you don't tell strangers just to see if that was where she was at the time! Straight away, Marty replied (driven with desperation for a friend) that he lived at hf hfhfhfhfhfh hf hfhfhfhff, fhfhfhfhfhfhfh, hfh fhfhfhffh .

Instantaneously, they were constantly texting day and night, night and day about each themselves to learn more about each other. But there was one thing that Marty wasn't telling the so called 'unicorn'.
He never said what type of panda he was. The unicorn thought he was a red panda, not a black and white one. But the unicorn was hiding something even WORSE then what type she was. She wasn't even a she (!) but a he and he wasn't a unicorn, he was a DRAGON! That's when it gets tricky and super dangerous, because the dragon wants to meet up with Marty in the middle of the forest! You have to be a serious numbskull to fall for that trick! Well, that means the dumbo Marty needs to shift up his game to actually be good at social media! 

That very night, Marty took a stroll into the woods, searching for a glamerous horse, but all he saw was a blazing fire burning the forest! Then he had a faint glimpse of an arrow-like tail. the figure started to circle him. a voice came: "have you seen a red panda anywhere?"
The bear frozen from fright eventually gained his ground and squeezed out that he knew no red panda. In a flash, the scaled unicorn whisked away into the night.

Marty was scarred for life of nearly being eaten by a complete stranger. 

I will never forget.

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